Wi-Fi Router Policy

Lake Region Wi-Fi Router Lease Policy:


LRTC is an internet service provider. We provide high-speed internet and home phone to our ONU. (Modem). The Wi-Fi service is an additional option.

Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, smart TVs, and cameras are connected through Wi-Fi. If you would like us to provide the Wi-Fi router, there will be an additional $10 monthly fee.  

Due to the numerous Wi-Fi devices and configurations available, LRTC can only confirm that Wi-Fi service is functioning correctly if LRTC is providing the wireless router service. If the Wi-Fi router is not provided from LRTC, we can only troubleshoot to the modem.

If you will purchase your own Wi-Fi Router, LRTC recommends a dual-band 802.11- AC Wi-Fi router. Dual-band Wi-Fi routers provide the best in-home Wi-Fi experience. Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on individual retail Wi-Fi routers purchased.

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