Damage Policy

 Network Damage 


  • Always Call 811 before you dig - Planting a tree? Building a fence? Call 811 before you start digging and they’ll locate any underground power lines and fiber optic lines.
  • Call LREC - If you see a downed fiber line or come upon an underground line while excavating, STOP and call Lake Region immediately at 918-772-2526. Don't move it, touch it, or cut through it. 


You shall not damage, alter, misuse, repair, or in any manner tamper with the Equipment or outlets or remove from the Equipment any markings or labels. Equipment cannot be removed from your premises and used in another location. You are responsible for the safekeeping of all Equipment. If any Equipment is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen while in your possession, you shall be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the Equipment.

"Equipment" includes all Equipment installed in or on your premises by us including, without limitation, set-top boxes, remote control devices, optical network unit (ONU), wiring, and remote control. This equipment and other LREC property and facilities (Equipment) delivered to Customer and/or installed on the premises to receive the Service shall remain the sole and exclusive property of LREC. The customer assumes the risk of loss, theft, or damage to all Equipment at all times prior to the removal of the units by LREC or return of the units by the Customer. You agree to pay any Equipment lease charges associated with the Service. Upon termination of service for any reason, you agree to immediately return all Equipment in the operating condition as when received (reasonable wear and tear excepted) directly to LREC within 5 days of the termination. In the event that the Equipment is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen, or not returned to LREC for any reason within 5 days of termination, including fire, flooding, storm or another incident beyond Customer's control, Customer shall be liable to LREC for the full replacement cost of any unreturned or damaged Equipment. You understand and agree that any deposit account may be used to offset the cost of any unreturned or damaged Equipment. Further, you understand and agree that LREC may charge your credit card on file at the termination of Service for the cost of any unreturned or damaged Equipment, in accordance with applicable law.

• $300 for the ONU
• $240 for DVR set-top box
• $140 for Cable set-top box

Any unpaid fees will be placed in collections with a third-party collection agency.

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