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Advanced Whole Home Mesh Multiple Router system

The robust list of services is always growing–providing subscribers with complete network personalization at their fingertips.



The Adapt service contains the first and only self-optimizing whole-home WiFi technology. Adapt creates flawless connectivity across device types, rooms, and complex environments using advanced machine learning for the best connection every day. The cloud-coordinated system harmonizes legacy deployments via Plume SuperPods®.


Guard keeps connected homes safe using advanced security features that get smarter over time. Offer online protection from malicious content, a real-time threat database, IoT anomaly detection plus device quarantine, and intrusion detection and outside threat blocking.



Control provides consumers the ability to personalize and manage access to their network: Parental control tools to set healthy boundaries for access and usage, guest manager for access permissions and passwords, and content manager to filter and block unwanted websites and ads for parents and more.



Sense provides for total home awareness, creating peace of mind. WiFi motion detection turn devices into sensors to detect expected and unexpected movement and provide peace-of- mind in areas cameras can’t go. No need to remember to enable the system, the system turns on and off automatically through the GPS of users’ primary devices. Customers can also see movement patterns over time within the HomePass app.


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The all-in-one app that helps you effortlessly manage your Wi-Fi passwords, set screen time limits, block threats, and prioritize connected devices. 

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HomePass App

Parental Controls

Enable content filters to block violent or explicit content, restrict access to social media apps on your kids' devices until it's age-appropriate, and establish daily Wi-Fi schedules and screen time limits.

Network Management

Upgrade your Wi-Fi network's name and password, configure a guest network specifically designed for your visitors, monitor the connected devices and easily block any unauthorized ones, and personalize content filters by assigning devices to individual family members.

Wi-Fi Scheduling

Easily schedule a specific time period to automatically disable the internet connection for your entire home or personalize your network schedule exclusively for your kids' devices.

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