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Launched in 2012 by your local electric cooperative, LREC, Lake Region's fiber network is being built from the ground up. Lake Region is working to bring blazing fast, fiber internet to all our communities in LREC's service territory. To do that, we are building more than 3,000 miles of fiber from the ground up. This means some communities can get service today and others are still waiting. In order to help us continue driving our project forward, we're asking everyone to preregister for service. By preregistering, you're telling us, "Yes! Bring Lake Region fiber to my community. I want service." 

Phone  Fast Internet

Fast Internet

Our fiber-to-the-home network delivers fast internet starting at $58.94/mo

Phone  Unlimited Phone

Unlimited Phone

Residential phone service with popular features for just $29.95/mo.

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