Tips for identifying email scams.


Lake Region go to great lengths to make sure our customers can distinguish our communication from impersonators. If we send an email to you, we will never ask you to provide or verify account or payment information via email or by clicking/submitting a form. Take note of the additional tips below to protect yourself from malicious emails.

1. Make sure the from email address is valid (, for example, is valid)

2. Don't respond to emails that ask for private information like account login or date of birth

3. Ignore emails that use threatening language, like terminated/suspended or have a warning code

4. Take note of the signature line - generic closing is a red flag (from IT Department for example)

If you are unsure if an email is really from Lake Region, give us a call, 918-772-2526, and we can help you out.
Lake Region Electric Cooperative and Lake Region Technology & Communications; together we're looking out for your best interests.

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