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Reliable Home Phone  

Lake Region's home phone service is a voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) service, but don't let that scare you. It works just like your traditional home phone service. Unlimited local and long-distance calling, plus several features are included for no extra charge.

Living rurally often means home phone service is a must with spotty cell service.  Lake Region's home phone runs over our fiber network and is the perfect solution to our rural connectivity challenges.


Unlimited Local and Long Distance
$29.95* per month

Crystal-clear calls with popular calling features:

Phone  Caller ID

Caller ID

Phone  Call Waiting

Call Waiting

Phone  Voicemail


* taxes applies
* 8.99 equipment maintenance fee applies to all packages
* International call fee available upon request

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Phone Service FAQ

Can I keep my old phone number?

Yes, you can. There is no charge to transfer your current phone number. It does take a few days longer to complete the process—up to 10 business days depending upon your current carrier. Also, you will need to download and complete a LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION number port.

What is my new phone number?

You have the option of keeping your current local number or getting a new number when you sign up for Lake Region phone. If you opt to get a new phone number, you will be randomly assigned a phone number. There is not an option to select your phone number. You will receive the prefix that has been assigned to your community.

How long does it take to add phone service to my active account?

Once you return your paperwork, it will take up to 10 business days if you are transferring your current number.

Where do I plug my phone into the router?

There are two telephone ports on the back of our ONU, labeled Phone 1 and Phone 2. Lake Region will turn on the service to the ports labeled Phone 1. If you opt to purchase a second phone line, you will also have service through the Phone 2 port.

Will all the wall jacks in my home work?

No, only the phone you have plugged into your router will work. If you have a wireless phone set, all other handsets will work throughout your home. If you are interested in ensuring wiring your home's phone jacks, we can refer to a contractor who can help rewire your phone jacks.

Will wireless phones work?

Yes, wireless phones are simple to connect to Lake Region’s phone service. Plug your master base into your WiFi router. Then, disperse the rest of the bases/handsets at your chosen locations throughout your home. All phones will have service.

Can I hook up my own answering machine?

Yes, you can connect your answering machine to your phone just as you did previously. However, Lake Region hosts a voicemail service that provides convenient ways to access your messages while on-the-go, including through an online communication portal and star codes. This is provided for no extra cost.

Will my phone go out if my power goes out?

Lake Region phone is a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service. It is provided over the same reliable fiber connection as your internet, which means it will not function during a power outage. However, Lake Region does offer a Battery Backup that will keep both your internet and phone running during a power outage. Battery Backups are available by request; please call 918-772-2526.  Download Battery Backup Information Sheet

Will my phone go out if my internet goes out?

Yes. As noted above Lake Region’s phone service is provided over your internet connection (called voice over IP or VOIP). If your internet is interrupted, your phone service will also be affected. Remember, if your internet goes down due to a power outage, Lake Region does offer Battery Backups. Please call about adding battery backup 918-772-2526. 

What features are available and how do I use them?

The basic residential phone service includes the following features: voicemail, caller ID, call waiting. Download the Voicemail guide here


Phone Service Billing FAQ

How much does phone service cost and how will Lake Region?

Lake Region residential phone service is $39.94/month, plus applicable taxes and fees. You are billed in advance for your phone service, just like your internet service. However, your call log and any additional charges will appear on the next month’s bill.

Can I have multiple numbers? Does it cost?

Yes, on Lake Region’s home phone service, you can have up to 2 lines. The second line costs an additional $24.95/month.

What are the “applicable taxes and fees?”

Lake Region must include all state and federal taxes on your bill, as well as a 911 access fee. On average, for a basic residential service, this amount is around $10-15/month per line.

What does long distance include and what does it cost?

Unlimited domestic long distance includes the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam for no additional charge.

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