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We think all great companies and efforts start with a great story. And we’re pretty proud of ours because it all starts with you. Most likely, if you’re reading this you are a member or familiar with  Lake Region Electric Cooperative. You might not know you’re a member of a co-op, but if LREC powers your lights, fridge, curling iron, or microwave, you are a member.

It was members, like you, who came to LREC asking for help in 2012. Although we have a variety of internet service providers in our region, the speeds are abysmal, customer service is poor, and the investment in infrastructure for reliability and growth is non-existent. That means, for people like you, the internet was slow and unreliable.

So, you approached LREC about expanding our fiber-optic network to provide high-speed internet to the homes and businesses in our communities. You spoke. LREC listened. Hello, LREC high-speed fiber internet in rural Oklahoma! 

We are committed to building an internet service where nobody else will - similar to electric service 80 years ago. 


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