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Why is Lake Region offering Multi-Gig internet?

When we launched Lake Region Fiber in 2012, we told you we were building for the future. The fiber lines we began installing back in 2012 are the same fiber lines we still install today. Why? Because fiber is a future-proof medium - that's just a fancy way of saying fiber can grow right along with our communities' bandwidth needs.

Until August 2023, our fastest internet speed offered was 1 Gig. And while 1 Gig is still almost 10 times faster than the average speed across the United States, we're not stopping there. Technology has come a long way, and the equipment we now install on our fiber network is roughly 10 times faster than when we first started!

Additionally, in 2020 our lifestyles changed. Many people in our communities were sent home to work and transitioned to online tools for communication, project management, and more. Suddenly, fast and reliable internet wasn't just about convenience, it was a necessity. With the increased demand for bandwidth, we knew the way our consumers used the internet was forever changed. Lake Region's Multi-Gig internet is raising the bar for fast and reliable internet and providing even more opportunities for consumers work, play, and learn online. 

In holding true to the promise of future-proofing our community, we launched 2.5 Gig for both homes and businesses. We call these plans Multi-Gig. 


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