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LRTC has moved away from data caps on our internet plans for both residential and
business internet plans. Pricing will stay the same.

Lake Region subscribers will reap the benefits of the new unlimited data. Our customers will no longer have to worry about data cap slowing down their speed or overage fees.

Internet usage is necessary for our customers to work, educate, and entertain from the comfort of their homes. Customers will not see any data caps published on any pricing information moving forward.

Lake Region’s fiber internet can handle countless connections, such as gaming consoles, twitch broadcasts, 4K movie streaming on multiple TVs, downloading and uploading large files, and video conferencing.

Lake Region would only impose a data cap on an individual “for the purposes of reasonable network management or managing network congestion.”

“Demand for fast internet with unlimited data has continued to increase over the years, among other ISPs offering unlimited data plans. LRTC will compete and stay ahead of our subscribers’ needs and offer unlimited data on all plans moving forward. Lake Region is committed to proactively meeting the needs of our members/subscribers. We do not foresee any issues on our network by offering unlimited data; our network is constructed to grow along with our customers’ demand, “said Jarrod Welch, Director of Fiber Operations and IT.

Since day one, Lake Region has been committed to delivering the best internet connection available. Unlimited Data is the next step our local fiber internet company is taking to fulfill that promise to the communities.


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