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LRTC to Sunset Traditional Cable TV Service

After much consideration, Lake Region Technology & Communications (LRTC) is planning to sunset its traditional cable TV service. No new TV installations will happen moving forward. We will continue supporting our active TV subscribers for as long as possible.

LRTC will lose backend network support in January 2023 for our TV headend equipment. This is a significant task to bring on another headend IT support provider for TV. Cable TV service is expensive and accounts for low revenue. If we cannot find a vendor to support our TV equipment, we will be forced to terminate TV accounts once we lose our backend network support. It is unknown at this time exactly when this will be.

LRTC has always been mindful of our rates and costs to provide service. The TV network programmers constantly raise prices for their channel lineups. This is out of LRTC control, what the networks demand for their channels. LRTC would have to pass this cost on to continue this business, and it is challenging to change rates often on our TV subscribers.

John Lee, CEO, said, "This notice will give our current subscribers a chance and time to make the switch and establish a new TV service. We will not penalize TV customers for early-term cancellation. We ask that you return the Lake Region TV cable boxes if you cancel your TV service. Change is hard, but we encourage TV subscribers to look for other options. Come next year; we do not want to leave our paying TV subscribers in the dark. We are now offering unlimited internet for all internet subscribers. This move has opened up the bandwidth to stream all TV services and move away from traditional linear video services."

Lake Region is committed to delivering competitive fiber services for today and the future.


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